Anonymous asked: Hey! Thanks so much for all of your work and insight on here. It really has helped me, as I come from a similar background and circumstances. You, however, seem to be a lot more knowledgable than a lot of other people I try to talk to about this. One thing that has always puzzled me though is when people say that I can't be gay and Christian at the same time. What makes someone a Christian?

This is the last post I’ll be making on this blog. If you want to follow my writing, I’ll be continuing here.

Well, Anon, you’re getting right to the heart of it, aren’t you? To be a Christian means to follow the teachings of Christ. That is the most basic, universal, and liberal (as in broad, not the political sense of the term) way that I can define what it means to a Christian. To say this, however, is kind of a loaded statement when we consider that it wasn’t until around 383 ADE that there was an “official” Bible. Many gospels, letters, and revelations were written that did not make it into the Bible. Arguably, the most historically significant gospel was Mary Magdalene’s for the simple fact that it is the most reliable text that we have. Unfortunately, due to patriarchal standards and power dynamics within the Church at the time, her work was not taken seriously. I only mention this because, contrary to popular myth, what Jesus taught was anything but straightforward. 

TL;DR: To be a Christian is to follow Christ. What it means to follow Christ has been the source of many murders, arguments, exiles, book burnings, book publishings, and so on. 

Completely Moving

Hey all,

I’m moving here [x] and I won’t be logging into this account for some time (I will be responding to an ask that was sent to me a couple days ago, but not right at this moment).

I promised I’d explain why I’m moving so I’ll do that now.

1. I hate that when I like, reply, send an ask that my old blog “gofuckyourselfamerica” shows up. I couldn’t just change the url because that would mean that anything linking to my old blog would instantly become invalid.

2. I realized just how meaningless getting notes is. I got 4k+ notes on that Disney Princesses dressed up as pop culture icons. Needless to say, my activity feed is flooded with likes and reblogs and anything meaningful that is said in a reblog is lost in the sea of other notes.

3. I’ve wanted to move to a new blog for a while, but I didn’t want to inconvenience followers who would have to follow yet another blog just to keep up with me.


I’m moving completely (new account, url, blog name, etc).to a new address and I’ll explain why later:

Not an SJW Blog

I’m not a social justice warrior (SJW) and this is not a SJW blog. 

Do you know why? On the surface, my blog may appear to have all the elements of a SJW blog, but I don’t consider my blog a SJW blog because my fight for praxis: real liberation, reconciliation, and restoration is not conducted on this blog. This blog is where I gather the thoughts and feelings of other people, but in no way does my blog constitute the actual struggle for praxis.

In the past I’ve done the following (all unpaid):

  • Food pantry volunteering
  • Summer camp (a camp serving underprivileged families) supervising
  • After-school tutoring
  • College preparatory work for high school students
  • Clothes drives
  • Food collection for donation 
  • Adopting a child overseas (basically subsidizing the cost of the child’s education, food, etc)

Currently, I’m looking to get involved with a reading program for small children (between the ages of 2-5) in a bilingual effort to get kids to appreciate reading as young as possible (and hopefully encourage high literacy among kids in the South side). I don’t tell you this to brag or make myself out to be a saint, because I’m far from perfect and my work doesn’t absolve me of past or present grievances against other people. I tell you this to demonstrate the things I do consider work towards social justice and in what ways how I profess to believe here on tumblr is translated into the actions I do away from the computer.

If there are people who are SJWs reading this who are currently only active as a presence on the Internet, I hope I inspire you to take your beliefs and put them into practice outside the Interwebs. Start small and don’t force yourself to do it all because you will burn yourself out.

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I just want to scoop him up and protect him from this triflin ass world

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Long and Tangential Rant

This might not make a lot of sense to some of you so…

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Racebent Addams Family inspired by: (x), (x), (x)

Gina Torres as Morticria Addams
Willow Smith as Wednesday Addams
Giancarlo Esposito as Gomez Addams
Rico Rodriguez as Pugsley Addams


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